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Unconventional Wisdom for the Daily All-Mountain Ritual

The perfect choice for freeriding with flow and power, regardless of the snow conditions.

- Carbon laminate
- Sintered base
- Early-rise camber
- Dual-radius sidecut
- Flex: 7- Eco-friendly Bio Resin
- Out-rides $600 to $650 all-mountain boards
- 158's Back in stock now
- New White Colorway available now

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    We’ve shaped and empowered this all-mountain rig for a typical day of machine-groomed and mixed snow, as well as for those days when the skies unleash blankets of white gold.

    The Peregrine is all about balance. In creating a high-performance board that runs the gamut from groomer days to deep days, our goal was to balance the need for quick, responsive initiation on corduroy with the need for a board to plane and surf round arcs in untracked snow. From the forebody to the tail, this board is lays it down in all conditions: deep carves, dynamic transitions from edge to edge, and tail-loaded slashes. Crafted with a versatile design profile, it steps up when you’re in an all-gas-no-brakes kind of mood and it also tones it down when the mood calls for leaning back into long, lazy turns.

    Design Elevates Life

    Through design, we want to increase the euphoric energy that pumps through us after a rip down groomed, mixed, or pow-soaked terrain. To this end, there are several qualities that define the Peregrine.

    Engineered Craftwork — Holistic Shaping


    EarlyRise – AllMtn: A directional profile with 5 cm of early rise in the nose combined with positive camber in the mid-body and in the tail. The right balance of float, initiation, and power for every type of snow condition.

    PowerLoad Sidecut:

    We’ve created a progressive sidecut ideal for turning performance and for improving response from tapered tails. We combine two different radii with a tighter arc in the rear third of the board so that pressure builds through the turn and it finishes with power.

    Nose & Tail Geometry

    A mid-length nose transition zone creates a perfect balance of quick-but-smooth turn initiation that rips on groomers and surfs in untracked snow. In the tail, a traditional short tail transition zone keeps turn finish precise and powerful.

    Surface Area / Rider Position

    Our design goal for the Peregrine was to craft a board that is both a quick trench cutter on groomed snow and a floaty pow slasher on untracked lines. To support this objective, we give it ample Surface Area (3921 cm² on the 150 and 4255 on the 158), and then optimize a 20-back stance for stock days and a 40-back stance for the deep ones.


    Engineered Craftwork — Advanced Material Science

    FushionLight Core

    Dynamic & Light

    An electric feel is something we design into all our boards. Core composition is one of the ways we do this to control for lightness and responsive rebound. Since different wood species offer different performance benefits, we use three: low-density Paulownia for weight reduction, mid-density Poplar for workhorse flex control, and high-density Beech for strength where bindings are mounted.

    Carbon45 Laminate

    Precise & Powerful

    We integrate 45-degree fibers when we want to optimize energy transmission from rider to snow—where power and precision are the priority. Our triaxial composition functions like the fibers of a nervous system that instantly conveys rider thoughts into kinetic motion. On a foundation of 0, 90 and 45-degree glass fibers, we add carbon on the base side where they function best for increasing dynamic rebound in a board’s lengthwise flex.

    Sintered Plus Base

    Speed & Glide

    Some days we want to ride as fast as possible and feel the rush of just hammering down mountain. And when it snows and blows in deep, we need silky glide to get the board into float mode with zero resistance. Featuring a highly wax-absorbent structure, our premium sintered base delivers the speed that thrills.

    Energy Dist. Tech

    Unmatched Core Protection

    Loading a board up with rider energy through a turn and stomping landings puts stress on a snowboard. The conversation between rider, board and snow can get “loud” at times as rider input and force is channeled into the edges of bindings. To protect against core compressions in these areas, we created Energy Dist. Tech—thin layers of carbon integrated into the core for enhanced strength and durability.

    Super Sap Bio Resin

    Better For the Environment

    We’ve partnered with Entropy to source their Super Sap Bio Resin—a high-performance, pine tree-based epoxy that has a lower carbon footprint than traditional epoxy, and it is healthier for the people who build snowboards. Better for planet and people.

    Out-Rides $650 All-Mountain Boards

    Because we sell directly to snowboarders, we are able to offer prices that benefit you.  Whether you use the savings on new skins, a season pass, goggles or the gas money to get to wild places, we’re happy to be able to help you access more badass times in the mountains.  And given our 30-year track record designing some of the most ground-breaking boards in the history of snowboarding, we’re pretty confident that our boards will elevate your experience on the hill.

    • BOARD LENGTH (cm)
      252 1070 120-180; 54-82 6 - 11 20 BACK 21"/53cm
      257 1120 130-190; 59-86 7 - 12 20 BACK 22" / 56 cm
      258 1150 150-200; 68-91 8 - 12 20 BACK 22"/56cm
      260 1180 150-220; 68-100 9 - 13 20 BACK 22" / 56 cm
    • BOARD LENGTH (cm)


      20.5 6.99 6.20 1140 296.5 289.5 7 3921 49.5-61.5
      21 7.48 6.96 1190 303 295 8 4150 50 - 66
      21.5 7.70 7.20 1220 305.5 296.5 9 4255 50 - 66
      22 7.90 7.40 1250 308.5 299.5 9 4379 50 - 66