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As we launch Cabin Mountain Tools, we’re taking a direct-to-rider approach for several reasons. 

  • To create deeper relationships with other mountain lovers.
  • To allow riders to save money for more adventures or other essential gear.
  • And to give a larger portion of our sales to environmental organizations like One Tree Planted.

While our direct model allows our customers to save money, Cabin boards are pure premium. Designed by one of snowboarding’s top 2 most important shapers and crafted to out-perform boards with much higher “traditional” prices, our designs elevate life.

In our first year, we offer two mountain-ripping shapes created by our co-founder Paul Maravetz. While launching other snowboard companies (Rome) and creating boards for riders such as Craig, Brushie and Bjorn, Paul has been a pioneer at the sharp end of snowboard design for the entire modern era.

His groundbreaking work, what we call Engineered Craftwork, continues with Cabin Mountain Tools.