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Where continents collide and the earth rises, we find uplifted experiences.

Skinning for the first rays of a sunrise.
Surfing blankets of sparkling crystals.
Standing alone in a secret glade.
Arcing high on the wall of a gully.
Laying a trench in unbroken corduroy.

Mountains, and their sculpted contours, create the spaces where we follow gravity to find the hedonism of rhythm, flow and power. Mountains, and their singular beauty, create the spaces where we embrace their different moods—everything from serene and sublime to rowdy and wild.

In these moments and spaces, we seek the joy of transcendent motion.

An International Perspective

From the Alps to New Zealand, from the West Coast to the East Coast, we’ve lived in mountain communities, fallen in love with varied terrain, and been influenced by powerful experiences. These places are fundamental to who we are, what we value and how we think snowboards should be designed. When you ride one of our boards, it has the life of snowboard vagabonds running through its DNA.

These are the mountain towns and resorts that we’ve called home at some point in our lives. The ones where we’ve lined up countless times for first lift, where we know most of the lines, and where we bump into friends on the hill.

Stowe, VT / Jackson, WY / Breckenridge, CO / Steamboat, CO / Stratton, VT

These are the spots where we’ve logged enough days to know exactly where to go when we’re in town. The ones whose snowboard language we speak fairly fluently. The ones where we can bring friends and share stoke.

Diedamskopf, Austria / Craigieburn, New Zealand / Tuckerman Ravine, NH / Sestriere, Italy / Buff Pass, CO / Teton Pass, WY / Kirkwood, CA / Jay Peak, VT / A Basin, CO

Whether we’ve been there a few days or countless, these are places that have given us unique and powerful experiences that have had an out-sized impact on our perspectives towards snowboarding.

Thompson Pass/The Wall, AK / Mount Washington, NH / Mt Moran, WY / La Grave, France / Eastern Woods, VT / Homewood, CA / Hokkaido, Japan

These are the spots where insane days and synchronicity with the culture and terrain quickly left an imprint on us. These are the spots we will return to.

Snowbird, UT / Engelberg, Switzerland / Vail Pass, CO / Saas Fee, Switzerland / Treble Cone, New Zealand / Tignes, France / Taos, NM / Mammoth, CA / Red Mountain, BC / Revelstoke, BC

Apart from their beauty and the cathedrals they create for snowboarding, trees are critical members of the world’s ecosystem. They help reduce climate change by absorbing carbon, they filter pollutants and protect the soil, and they ensure biodiversity as they are home to 80% of the world’s species. 

The world needs more trees.

So we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted ( to use a portion of every board we sell to plant 10 trees around the world. One board = 10 Trees. And we do this together with you. Thanks to every rider who purchases directly from Cabin Mountain Tools, we are able to contribute more towards the efforts to protect and promote the environment than other brands. 

Girl in a jacket

In 2020, as an absurd April-May splitboard season shifted into a summer of early-morning mountain bike rides, Cabin Mountain Tools was born. Over the course of multiple uphill conversations, countless pow slashes, and a few dirty, post-ride hangouts at the trailhead, the web of our ideas came into focus. Through these conversations and uplifting mountain experiences, we realized it was time for a new direction, a new connection, a new expression among snowboarders.

Together we bring 50+ years of experience in the snowboard business—designing innovative products, building companies, and connecting with other snowboarders. One founder spent his early years in product design at Burton and then co-founded and built the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate. Our other founder cut his teeth at Ride Snowboards and in leadership roles in snowboard shops before shifting into international work at BOA and Forum Snowboards.

On the hill, we all have logged thousands of days at resorts around the world, with deep experience throughout North America and Europe, and a few epic trips to New Zealand, Japan and South America. Beyond the lifts, we’ve spent decades venturing into unpatrolled mountains, including countless single-day excursions and a solid number of multi-day overnights in the backcountry. Mountains, and flowing down them in a sideways stance, are where we find the joy of motion, beauty and wellness.

Paul Maravetz
Founder/Product Design

Mountain Biker. Woodworker. Trail Builder. Snowboarder.
Favorite spots include Valdez, Arlberg, and Katahdin.
Gear fixations: Lie-Nielsen dovetail saws, Custom-built bike tool cart, Ninjaz mtn bike gloves 


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Paul drives product creation at Cabin where he engineers, shapes and tests our board designs. Paul co-founded Rome Snowboards in 2001 and continued his career of breakthrough design work in boards, bindings, and boots—bringing innovations in camber, shape and material science. Prior to Rome, Paul pioneered major shifts in snowboard design at Burton, delivering legendary and historically impactful models such as Brushie’s and Craig’s promodels, the Balance, the Custom and the Supermodel.