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PER—Holistic Shaping


EarlyRise – AllMtn: A directional profile with 5 cm of early rise in the nose combined with positive camber in the mid-body and in the tail. The right balance of float, initiation, and power for every type of snow condition.

PowerLoad Sidecut:

We’ve created a progressive sidecut ideal for turning performance and for improving response from tapered tails. We combine two different radii with a tighter arc in the rear third of the board so that pressure builds through the turn and it finishes with power.

Nose & Tail Geometry

A mid-length nose transition zone creates a perfect balance of quick-but-smooth turn initiation that rips on groomers and surfs in untracked snow. In the tail, a traditional short tail transition zone keeps turn finish precise and powerful.

Surface Area / Rider Position

Our design goal for the Peregrine was to craft a board that is both a quick trench cutter on groomed snow and a floaty pow slasher on untracked lines. To support this objective, we give it ample Surface Area (3921 cm² on the 150 and 4255 on the 158), and then optimize a 20-back stance for stock days and a 40-back stance for the deep ones.