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Engineered Craftwork — Advanced Material Science

While the shaping of a snowboard can be considered the chassis, the material with which it is built is similar to the drive train. To convey, store and release rider energy, we load our boards with advanced material science.


FusionLight Core
Dynamic and Light

An electric feel is something we design into all our boards. Core composition is one of the ways we do this to control for lightness and responsive rebound. Since different wood species offer different performance benefits, we use three: low-density Paulownia for weight reduction, mid-density Poplar for workhorse flex control, and high-density Beech for strength where bindings are mounted.

Carbon90 Laminate

Smooth and Responsive

Carbon-infused biaxial laminates are perfect for creating boards with maximum feel for the snow, precise finesse and a smooth transmission of rider energy. This is just the kind of vibe we want in our splitboards when we go in search of floaty turns. The 0 and 90-degree glass fibers deliver this personality, and we integrate carbon longitudinally below the core for putting extra punch into our pow slashes.

Carbon45 Laminate

Precise & Powerful

We integrate 45-degree fibers when we want to optimize energy transmission from rider to snow—where power and precision are the priority. Our triaxial composition functions like the fibers of a nervous system that instantly conveys rider thoughts into kinetic motion. On a foundation of 0, 90 and 45-degree glass fibers, we add carbon on the base side where they function best for increasing dynamic rebound in a board’s lengthwise flex.

Sintered Plus Base

Speed & Glide

Some days we want to ride as fast as possible and feel the rush of just hammering down mountain. And when it snows and blows in deep, we need silky glide to get the board into float mode with zero resistance. Featuring a highly wax-absorbent structure, our premium sintered base delivers the speed that thrills.

Energy Dist. Tech

Unmatched Core Protection

Loading a board up with rider energy through a turn and stomping landings puts stress on a snowboard. The conversation between rider, board and snow can get “loud” at times as rider input and force is channeled into the edges of bindings. To protect against core compressions in these areas, we created Energy Dist. Tech—thin layers of carbon integrated into the core for enhanced strength and durability.

Super Sap Bio Resin

Better For the Environment

We’ve partnered with Entropy to source their Super Sap Bio Resin—a high-performance, pine tree-based epoxy that has a lower carbon footprint than traditional epoxy, and it is healthier for the people who build snowboards. Better for planet and people.