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NL—Holistic Shaping


EarlyRise – Pow: Designed to surf snow with power—we combine 10 cm of early rise in the nose with midbody-to-tail positive camber. The result is increased float, whether the pow is super light or cold and dense, as well as responsive carves and a high slash factor.

PowerLoad Sidecut:

We’ve created a progressive sidecut ideal for turning performance and for improving response from tapered tails. We combine two different radii with a tighter arc in the rear third of the board so that pressure builds through the turn and it finishes with power.

Nose & Tail Geometry

A longer nose and a longer nose transition zone team up to create a board that planes on top of the snow and initiates turns super smoothly. In the tail, a traditional short transition zone keeps turn finish precise and powerful.

Surface Area / Rider Position

We typically split to ride powder. So the Northern Light features robust Surface Area (4015 cm² on the 148 and 4409 cm² on the 158). Then we locate the rider 3.2% back on the sidecut to position weight precisely with respect to the Surface Area. The result is optimized float and surf at lengths similar to your everyday board.